About Us

It all started at..... a nursing home. My mother worked there and I would often meet her there after school while she finished her shift. While my mother worked, I spent my time going room to room visiting with the residents. It was always so much FUN! Because the home was only for women, I would frequently find myself with new grandmas to spoil me! They would frequently sneak a piece of candy in my pocket, a trinket or treasure, a couple quarters for the vending machine, etc. However, one of the most valuable gifts they passed on to me was their time and talents. There was one resident that would let me sit in her room for as long as I wanted to teach me to embroider by hand. Another taught me to sew (without a machine, mind you). Another to piece a quilt. And yet another to cross stitch. They were so patient and kind and genuinely wanted me to learn from them! I eventually graduated to a sewing machine, in which my mother took over the instruction, and the rest is history!

Ever since those days skipping the halls of the residents home, I've always loved to create things with a needle and thread. Fast forward to present day, I realized while scouring the internet that what I was looking for didn't quite exist! I wanted attire that would reflect the True, Good, and Beautiful. I wanted my daughters to wear something that was modest, versatile, and a reflection of our Faith. I knew what I had pictured in my head, I just couldn't find it! So, naturally, I did what any other seamstress would do - create my own! That's essentially how Our Lady's Closet was born. A desire to share the Faith with the world in a small and beautiful way.

I hope you enjoy our products as much as I do. Having 7 children, I thought about what was most important to me when looking for clothing: it has to be able to hold up to my very active brood, it has to be modest, and it has to be versatile enough to be able to dress it up or down.

Modest. Simple. Catholic.

I thank God for the talents he has given me. I pray that someday I will be like those residents, being able to spoil youngsters with my time hoping that they'll sit with me a while so I can teach them the lost art of creating your own clothing (or rosary pouch, blanket....). Until then, Our Lady's Closet will do the sharing.

"It might be said that society speaks through the clothing it wears. Through its clothing it reveals its secret aspirations and uses it, at least in part, to build or destroy its future." - Pope Pius XII