• What sets our dresses apart from others? 
  • Modest dresses are hard to come by on their own, nevermind finding one with a faithful flare. Our dresses have both modesty and our faith in mind. Each pattern is carefully chosen by integrating elements of the faith within the artwork. The artwork is all created by Catholic artists. With your purchase you are not only supporting my small business, but also other Catholic families as well. 

    The type of fabric we use also makes us different from other retailers. Quality is not put on the back burner, rather seriously considered (dare I say agonized over). The fabric chosen for each pattern is made of 93% cotton. While lightweight, it is not thin like most materials used to make apparel. While I would have loved to find an equivalent cotton solid color fabric, the alternate solid color combination is made of a polyester/spandex blend. This enables us to maintain the stretch, flexibility, and quality of the dress. Since we expect our dresses to not be seen through, after searching up and down and agonizing over swatches, this particular polyester blend has proven to be the best (and softest) choice to maintain quality standards. By being choosy with the fabrics, we have been able to create dresses that are not only beautiful, modest, and well made but also extremely comfortable to wear.


  • What is my order’s turnaround time? 

    At this time, you can expect to have your item within 1-3 weeks. I understand this is a wider window than Amazon, however please keep in mind I am a one-woman show! :) I always aim to process orders as quickly as possible, but sometimes I find myself needing to order more fabric or tend to a sick child. If you need to have a dress by a specific date, please contact me and I will certainly do my best to meet your request. 


  • How can I possibly spend that much on a child’s dress that they will soon grow out of?!
  • I would normally say the same thing! Having 7 children myself, I understand the need to be prudent in spending. However, I have found from my own experience that our dresses last much longer than your typical store-bought piece of clothing. The reason I can size my children’s dresses the way they are is because of their versatility! Take, for example, the 6-12 month dress size. There is a pretty big size difference between a 6 month old and a 1 year old! But because of the length I’ve created for each skirt and the 4-way stretch material, there’s a good chance you would get even more than the “predetermined” 6 months out of that one dress! AND here’s a mom hack for you: dresses in general naturally last longer because as the child grows and the hem rises higher, you can add leggings for a cute tunic ensemble. 

    Durability - yup, we’ve thought about that too. (Did I mention that I have 5 boys?? Durability is always on the mind.) We have chosen durable, high-quality fabrics (see question 1) that hold up to “kid-stuff.” It will not easily tear or snag and therefore last much longer than the thin materials you find elsewhere. 


  • Do you have a nursing option?
  • Stay tuned - we are working on a prototype!